I don’t know how we missed it. Yeah, we were knee-deep in Best of Charleston hell, but still, we know how to slack off from time to time and do a little pleasure reading, and being news nuts, that means scouring the political sites and whatnot. (Who needs porn when you’ve got politics?) But missed it we did — T-Rav is back and he’s got something to say about Obama’s stimulus plan.

The folks at S.C. Hotline have it all. Of course, it’s the same old same old that we’ve been hearing for months now from the GOP c/o of the EIB network cocoon. Here’s a snippet:

President Obama states that he is going to give the economy a boost by

giving 95% of working families a tax cut and giving the top 2% of tax

filers a tax hike. Sounds great until you understand that 40% to 50%

of the families getting an income tax cut don’t even pay income taxes

but will get a tax rebate check anyway; this used to be called welfare

now they are calling it a tax cut.