Intrepid reporter Quintin Washington gets all the big local names — Spoleto’s Nigel Redden, Congressman Mark Sanford, Mayor John Tecklenburg. And then there’s Thomas Ravenel. The former state treasurer turned Southern Charm reality TV start is a frequent guest on Washington’s “Quintin’s Close-ups” YouTube show, and, as usual, in his most recent interview, the ever-chatty T-Rav had a lot to say — 48 minutes of talk to be exact.

In no particular order, here the highlights:

  • God is telling Ravenel to do the right thing, which he has experiences through car shopping. “I just bought a Jeep Wagon and I asked the salesman, ‘Do I need this?’ He said, ‘What you need is a Honda Civic. It’s not about what you need, it’s about what you want.'”
  • His Dad, Arthur Ravenel, calls a good day one in which he can pickup the paper and there’s no mention of Thomas …
  • Thomas thinks Craig should stand-up to Shep’s ribbing. “I said why don’t you tell Shep to try to run a restaurant without burning it down.”
  • T-Rav relates his life to Migos’ “Bad and Boujee.” “I was listening to this song, it’s a rap song, ‘We ain’t got any old money, but we got a whole lot of new money.’ And I got an old name, but it’s all new money. I went to Atlanta and made my money. I worked my butt off.”
  • Southern Charm is successful because rich people like it. “It appeals to a higher socio-economic group. Take ‘Honey Boo-Boo,’ they got 6 million viewers, but those 6 million have a disposable income of $10 million. We [Southern Charm] may attract less viewers but they may have a trillion dollars in disposable income.
  • Ravenel pronounces Putin, Pew-ton.
  • He thinks Trump “is a real leader.” On the flipside, Ravenel also thinks Trump’s wall idea is a crazy.

  • T-Rav’s house is “a death trap.” That’s why he’s selling it. “I want to be in a kid-friendly neighborhood with a pool.”
  • He says Christian Right who have problems with transgender people should take it up with God. “Why don’t they talk to God, these peoples’ creator. Take it up with him if they want to attack how God made them.”