Where the knee-jerk reaction after the Virginia Tech massacre may have been to further restrict gun owners, it appears gun-lovers (including the quick-shooter himself, Rep. Wallace Scarborough) are taking the news in the other direction. A bill introduced in the Statehouse on April 24 would delete a state provision prohibiting guns on school campuses.

[image-1]The sense, no doubt, is that if one of the victims had a gun, things would have gone differently. Sure we may have a Western-style shoot out (heck, I loved Tombstone). But we’d also be enabling more loonies to carry weapons and to use those weapons at a whim. Apparently that’s of little concern for some House members.

This bill is all but begging people, “Please, bring a gun to school.” Will students without weapons be more comforted by the fact that someone in the class may have a gun and be ready to protect them, or will they be more concerned that the nutcase who just got a “D” on his paper will be ready to take it out on everybody.

In the law, guns are prohibited on school grounds as well as other areas, like polling places, prisons, police offices, municipal buildings, daycares, churches and hospitals. Now, are we going to start knocking each of these off the list as massacres occur? God forbid there’s a mass shooting at polling place, are we going to allow people to start carrying guns there?

According to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, South Carolina has a D+ rating when it comes to gun laws. Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign, may have said it best Tuesday: “We can’t be a shining city on a hill when we’re an armed camp.”