[embed-1]The only American in space pointed his lens toward Charleston over the weekend, wishing the area a Happy 4th by sharing a photo taken from the International Space Station of our lovely city.

[image-2]American astronaut Jeff Williams has been on board the ISS with two Russian cosmonauts since March and is scheduled to return to Earth in September. This week, the trio will be joined by three new crew members hitching a ride on a Soyuz rocket taking off from the Russian space launch facility in Kazakhstan.

The photos were posted as part of a series documenting each of the 13 original colonies over Independence Day weekend using the hashtag #Original13FromSpace. The Charleston-North Charleston-Summerville photo posted yesterday afternoon was the only picture posted of South Carolina.

While in space, Williams and his crew-mates have been conducting ongoing research including 3-D printing in zero gravity and testing small bowling ball-sized satellites used to study and improve how they move themselves through space.