Between Ferris wheels, crazy carnies, and retro rides, fairs are always filled with endless photo opps. Photographer Joseph Nienstedt decided to capitalize on that, and he’s hosting a photowalk at the Coastal Carolina Fair on Thurs. Oct. 28. Photographers can meet at the Photography/Fine Arts building at Exchange Park, then make their way around the fairgrounds together.

"It’s mostly photography enthusiasts who like to get the chance to learn from each other or just enjoy the company of other photographers," Nienstedt says on his website. "Anybody is welcome, and there is no need to worry about your skill level, what kind of camera you have, or anything like that. Nobody has to see your pictures if you don’t want to share them!"

Participants can enter their photographs in a contest hosted by Nienstedt. The winner will receive a one-year Flickr Pro account. Find more info here.