Last Tuesday, literally everyone in the Holy City went to Republic Garden Lounge for their charity event benefitting Toby’s Fund, which helps rehabilitate injured and abandoned animals at the Charleston Animal Society. The poster, um, dog was not in attendance, but we had hoped #Caitlyn would make an appearance; sadly, she’s still got a little way to go before she’s all healed up. I even thought other “celebrity” animals would be there, like maybe Grumpycat, Choupette Lagerfeld, a ghost Lassie, something! What “celebrities” that were there came in the form of the cast of Southern Charm.

Not even a week after our last encounter, I waived hello to Landon Clements, who provided us with an interesting un-filmed tidbit, that for legal reason we can’t repeat. Needless to say it would’ve made for great TV.

On Thursday, I went to Cocktail Club to check out a whiskey tasting. Resident drink aficionado John Calo was on hand to tell us all about the featured spirit, Chattanooga Whiskey. Given that Chattanooga Whiskey Co. is the first new distillery in Chattanooga, Tenn. in 100 years, you might imagine the swill should taste pretty good — after all, they time to perfect it — and it does. The whiskey comes in two versions. One is more reserved for your typical Manhattan-type of cocktail. The other, I think, is best for shooting and slapping your friend in the face. It takes the edge off.

I’m not a huge whiskey fan, but I was impressed with the flavors. I’ll get slapped by that any day.

Later on it was time to summon a trusty Uber to embark out to Mt. Pleasant to revel in the Top Gun party on the Yorktown. Apparently everyone at the party had met beforehand and Amazon Primed “tactical flight suit” to wear to the occasion. I was not at that meeting.


Thankfully, party organizers provided everyone with dog tags — they served as your ticket. Top Shelf catering was on the flight deck if you found yourself feeling peckish. The bar was open, but the food cost money. Having to pay for food at a party where you’ve already bought a ticket is a relatively new concept to me, but I understood how it could help keep ticket prices down. Firefly was also on the flight deck while the Spazmatics provided the tunes.

The Spazmatics were new to me. Although they provided some excellent covers, no one seemed to figure out if the lead singer was recently involved in a shipwreck, or if his neck brace was part of the act. It’s one of those things that you cannot make fun of until you are certain. I wish I could say that there was a gratuitous volleyball scene on the flight deck, but no one seemed to think to bring a net.


Saturday, Chucktown Social hosted their semi-annual Beach Bocce BBQ Booze Cruise. Members of Chucktown Social’s leagues celebrated the end of spring bocce, cornhole and skeeball seasons with a four-hour voyage. We embarked from Ripley Light Marina on the Charleston Explorer and cruised past the Battery and James Island before beaching at Morris Island. For the following two hours, the partiers let loose and partook in multiple leisures of their choice: bocce, horseshoes, and sunbathing, with interludes of wading in the water.

We headed back towards town at 7:30 p.m. and cruised through the harbor as the sun set on a beautiful summer day. As our time together drew to a close, the party amped up on the way home as the riders gleefully serenaded the crowd with some ’90s classics as the sky changed from blue to orange. All-in-all, new friendships were made and old ones strengthened by a glorious day of fun in the sun!

Sunday we went to Lowcountry Bistro for their second annual Moonshine Throwdown. On what seemed to be the hottest day of the year so far, seven vendors showed up to compete for the best moonshine-laced swill. Again, Firefly was featured, as they do produce many different flavors of ‘shine. Thankfully, none of it tastes like it came from a radiator. Members of Lowcountry Bluegrass band provided the requisite fiddle playing, and Lowcountry Bistro started things off with their drink, Not Yo Mamma’s Peach Cobbler. It wasn’t. Mom does not make cobbler. Or really anything. Muddled with peaches and drowned in peach Schnapps, it got the point across.


Next up was Tabbuli. They made an interesting, yet too sweet, beverage out of watermelon. The garnished watermelon was the highlight. The unnamed cocktail also had a nice a hibiscus flavor to it.

Burwell’s Stonefire Grill, meanwhile, had a fantastic libation with cucumber, bell pepper, watermelon, and basil. It was like drinking a salad. Very refreshing for our 95-degree weather.

Although Burwell’s ended up winning the competition, they did not quite get my vote. That honor went to Social Wine Bar. Though they may be our old standby on that side of town, they served a frothy moonshine drink that tasted like church punch. What a Sunday.