Writes Richard Spencer:

“We in the alternative Right—(post-)paleos, traditionalists, varieties of Crunchyness, right-libertarians, evocons, and general curmudgeons—have good cause to throw up our hands and drop out—everything seems so terribly wrong and getting progressively wronger. And it’s telling that when we dissident rightist have entered the endorsement fray, particularly when we’ve made arguments for Obama, we haven’t offered endorsements per se so much as calculated scenarios in which, we argue, our vote for Obama isn’t really a vote for Obama. Thus Obama must win because he’ll get us out of Iraq (unlikely), and real conservatism can’t be revived until the war is over; or Obama should win because the GOP must be punished for nominating McCain; or Obama should win so the conservative movement will decouple itself with the Big Government GOP; etc. etc. etc. 

Some of these scenarios might actually play out (indeed, I hope they do.) But it’s just as likely, if not more so, that the conservative movement and GOP will forgo painful soul-searching and rethinking and congeal again around all the same stuff they’ve been pushing for the past eight years.

It’s best we leave “Obama conservatism” behind and vote for change we actually believe in.

Chuck Baldwin will most certainly not win next Tuesday, he’s not even on the ballot in all states. He’s the only candidate, however, who’s starting point is the Constitution, and who’s seriously talking about individual and economic liberty, a foreign policy for America, and reducing both legal and illegal immigration (you know, all that extremist, unpatriotic stuff we write about at Takimag.) On top of it all, Baldwin has a sharp mind and is a gentleman.”

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