Writes Taki Theodoracopulos, cofounder of The American Conservative magazine and Takimag.com:

“Unprecendented Israel snub for Jimmy,” screams the New York Post. Echoed by all three candidates, I might add, all three with a crippling and chronic reluctance to let Israel feel the rough edge of their tongue. It is called Realpolitik–utter a word against Likud policy and retire to your farm for the duration. This applies to all politicians in the United States–remember Charles Percy and William Scranton, two long ago politicos who dared to criticize and retired to their farms in turn.

I was never a fan of Jimmy Carter while he was in office–especially after a dinner I attended a few years back after he had left Washington, and heard him give us a brief speech in which he mentioned his wife every sentence or two. But his heart has always been in the right place. The idea that Jimmy is anti-Israel is as ludicrous as the fact that the neocons put America first in their geo-political thinking.”