March 16 – 5:07 p.m.
OK, wow. Some people are taking this really serious. Closing everything for two weeks? That seems easy and reasonable.

March 18 – 1:34 p.m.
Somewhat frightened, anxiety high. Slight hint of panic in public places. Will we be able to unite as a people and overcome this together? I see shopping carts filled with toilet paper. Things are uneasy.

March 19 – 2:23 p.m.
It’s recommended to keep distance of at least six foot from other people. And to disinfect all surfaces. And keep washing your hands. Also sing the birthday song while you wash your hands. Whose birthday? Nobody is saying.

March 20 – 9:28 a.m.
Woke up today deciding to not allow fear to rule my life. People are sick, people need help, the planet needs cleansing. Start small. Control what you can. Make a plan. New you.

March 21 – 12:39 p.m.
Today is technically my normal day off so I’ll start tomorrow.


March 23 – 1:18 p.m.
Slept in. Too much. Make up for it by creating a schedule: Sunrise. Gratitude. Meditation. Cardio. Smoothie. Write. Green veggies. Yogurt. Write. Stroll. Write. Write. Protein. Veggies. Bathe. Gratitude. Rest.

March 22 – 12:03 p.m.
Slept in again. Body must be catching up on sleep. Did I shower yesterday? Make a note to shower at least once a day.

March 24 – 3:34 p.m.
Realized during my afternoon shower I forgot to do meditation. And cardio. Or any of it. It’s fine, I need the time to figure out Zoom so I can chat with my friends again. Internet connection seems slow, might as well nap.

March 25 – 1:21 p.m.
Out of bread already? Gonna have to go down to one slice PB&Js which is hard to balance. We really are living in a new world.

March 26 – 8:47 a.m.
Up early enough for meditation although my sore back is why I’m up so early, too much rest. Living room not really conducive to yoga, plus getting a lot of dog interference. Will try new approach tomorrow.

March 27 – 11:40 a.m.
Awoke fearing I had symptoms of something nefarious however remembering a midnight trip to the kitchen for chocolate milk answers a lot of questions.

March 29 – 8:05 a.m.
Today is meditation day, I even laid out my clothes the night before. I’m trying it outside for the first time and it’s wonderful. There’s a natural rhythm I fall into out here. I am one with the harmony.

March 30 – 8:20 a.m.
Today it took the promise of my smoothie to get out of bed. It’s OK to smoothie then meditate, right? Still it’s nice to be outside even with all the natural noises and distractions. Trying to find my center, still adjusting to the natural rhythm, it’s almost like a metronome I can’t synch with.

March 31 – 9:13 a.m.
Third day of meditation outside and I’ve begun to notice all the details of my neighborhood. There’s some sort of electrical beep every 45 seconds happening somewhere. At first I was falling into the rhythm, I didn’t even notice it, but now I think it’s putting me off a little.

April 1 – 11:57 a.m.
Woke up sore all over again today. At this point moving around and laying down are equally exhausting. Must add yoga to the list. Tried outside meditation. Heard the beeping sound again. I brought mom out on her lunch break to see if she could tell me what it was. She didn’t hear it.

April 2 – 2:03 p.m.
Horrible night’s sleep. Today is an off day. Skip the list and try again tomorrow. Won’t even step outside. Need to clear my mind.

April 4 – 7:37 a.m.
Woke up today fresh before the alarm. I treat myself to a smoothie and sit outside scrolling through my phone. There it is again. Every day? Was it always this loud? Getting up early means I should really go to bed at a reasonable time. Fresh start!

April 5 – 3:02 a.m.
The beep sound is all I hear. Like clockwork, every minute it goes off. For who? What is it? I can’t be the only one who hears it. I can’t concentrate or meditate when all I am thinking about is this beep. Something must change.

April 6 – 5:21 p.m.
I decided to sleep outside to see if it does in fact go off twenty four hours a day. Admittedly I fell asleep at some point, but I cannot be sure if the beep continued.

April 7 – 10:15 a.m.
Today I’ve packed a backpack and I’m venturing out beyond my backyard. I must discover the origin of my torment. I won’t continue without knowing. I must be careful, everyone is home now. It’s crucial I stay six feet away from everyone.

April 7 – 2:00 p.m.
I am officially out of the hand sanitizer and toilet paper I brought with. Is there ever enough? Can’t bring a sink out here with me. Tracking the beep has proven difficult, to say the least. I’m prepared to say out here as long as it takes.

April 7 – 7:43 p.m.
I was a fool packing my bag, no food, no water? I drank the smoothie as soon as I left. I’m still no closer even though the beeping is just as loud. I’m somewhere in the woods behind one of my neighbors house. This night will be tough.

April 8 – 6:10 a.m.
Waking up it the woods today was, well, a real wake up call. A beep? Who cares? What am I doing? This can’t rule my entire life. This is crazy. Heading home and eager to put this all behind me.

April 8 – 9:48 a.m.
Jumping the fence from this side proves to be a little more difficult. I am bruised and certainly bleeding. The effort to climb my upstairs porch is nearly too much. Luckily I am greeted by Mom, having her coffee. I plop down on a deck chair. BEEP.

“There’s your beep,” Mom says.

“You heard that?” I sit up suddenly.

“Yes honey, that’s the power transformer that’s been in our backyard since we’ve moved in.”