When I first moved south of the Mason-Dixon Line, after spending my growing up years in Illinois, I was surprised to be met by some Southerners who still held onto the Civil War. Or, ahem…. The War of Northern Aggression (to be said in your best Scarlett O’Hara voice). To go from a place where a flying Confederate flag meant one thing, to the South, where people were trying to convince me it meant something entirely different, was confusing, to say the least.

The secessionists are still at work today. In fact, just this week, a secessionist convention is taking place in the foothills of Tennessee. But this time around those wily Southerners have interesting bedfellows. The North. Groups from Vermont, California, Hawaii, Alaska…. And many other states…. Will join together for several days to scheme and plan and dream of what they would call a better future. A future that involves secession from the U.S.A.

I still have a low tolerance for Confederate flag waving and the talk that “the South will rise again,” but I am fascinated by this powerful discontent that leads some people to think that they could do this thing called government much better than our established U.S. system. I find myself increasingly agitated by what I deem as a lack of guts by our elected officials to stand up for the social changes that need to happen in our country. The fact that our congress people won’t even ensure that our transgendered brothers and sisters are included in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is a travesty. And I have to admit that my hope is fading fast when it comes to the changes that a Democratic president would actually be able to make upon election.

Maybe these secessionists are on to something. Where are the revolutionaries when you need them?