Husband-and-wife duo Kim and Jarod Weldin make music that oozes with summertime sweetness. Understated vocals wash over soothing guitar strums to create a unique seaside sound that can only belong to local dream-pop band Tape Waves.

Last month, the songwriters released their radiant full-length debut Let You Go with California-based Bleeding Gold Records. The disc features a collection of songs that will have you feeling the sunshine long after beach days are gone. The sedative drift of the lead-off track “Slow Days” flows throughout Let You Go. And it’s easy to get caught in the current of “All I Can See” before sinking into the afternoon haze of “Beachfront” and the sunset serenade of “I Can Tell.” With a dreamlike echo floating over rhythmic waves of electric guitar, “Stay All Night” — a track from an earlier EP of the same name — is intoxicating.

The album’s hypnotic trance is merely an expansion of the music the band’s made from the start. “I don’t necessarily think our sound has changed much,” says Jarod. “We were pretty happy with the sound that we had on the first group of songs, so we wanted to make a record that explored that sound some more. We really just want to write songs that we would like listening to.”

Though the duo’s sound hasn’t changed, their relationship certainly has. Kim and Jarod met two years ago as telephone company co-workers before dating and recording their very first EP together in March 2013. This April they got hitched.

“Playing music with Jarod feels very easy and natural to me,” says Kim, who also began her own wedding-planning business Hart and Arrow this month. “I like being able to share the bond of playing shows together as well as experiencing the vulnerability that comes with putting music out there for others to hear.”

Though the quirky, cardigan-adorning songstress has suffered from stage fright in the past, she shakes it off now that she has her bearded husband by her side. “I’ve definitely gotten more comfortable in the past year,” says Kim. “Our writing process has really started to grow into a more natural and collaborative effort. We used to write the music, melodies, and lyrics separately. Now that we’ve developed our sound somewhat and gotten comfortable working together, we are able to write songs faster and better.”

Jarod adds, “It’s been really nice to share something that we both love to do with each other. I think it’s definitely helped us communicate better. Our ideas for Tape Waves don’t always line up, so talking things out and compromising has been important.”

Let You Go‘s release show is happening at Redux Studios Aug. 21 in conjunction with an art show by textiles artist Camela Guevara. DJ Lanatron will spin Tape Waves’ new LP at the event, along with other beats. Copies of the 12-inch record will be available for purchase. Guevera will also have her hand-beaded artwork available for purchase.