[image-1]“The show is going to be a one man rock mini spectacle,” says San Fran songwriter and musician Gabriel Scott, on his first visit to Charleston. He’s touring in support of a new disc titled The Systematic Subversion of Fear and Insecurity. “I’ll be performing by myself and showcasing what it is I do as an artist. Hopefully, if all keeps going as well, as it has been on this tour, then I’ll be bring my full band back with me the next time I come through. But don’t be fooled I’ve been told that my solo version of the Bleeder live show is just as powerful as many full bands.”

The Bleeder Project and Closer perform at Cumberland’s (301 King Street, (843) 577-9469) on Fri. Nov. 30. Cover is $5.

After working in California mod-metal band Burning Orange, Scott formed The Bleeder Project “from out of the seedy sex clubs, raunchy dive bars, and harsh realities of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district” with bassist Rev. R.K. Krah, electronic manipulator MG and drummer/turntablist X-Face.

[image-2]The Systematic Subversion of Fear and Insecurity crackles with dynamic dance beats and impassioned vocal work. Written, arranged, composed, performed, and recorded by Scott (and co-produced by engineer Mike Smith), the album rocks mostly from mechanical vibes, industrial-strength drum sounds, saturated guitar distortion, and anguished vocals — a cross between Depeche Mode, No Man, NIN, and Placebo.