Charleston Beer Exchange has been holding regular tastings in their adorable (but tiny) shop on Exchange Street downtown (next door to Carolina’s). Have I mentioned before how much I love this place? I ended up getting my entire staff their very own growlers of beer for Christmas, and now that I think about it, I’ve got two empty growlers at home just waiting to be filled with some Fidy imperial stout or Fireside Ale (a smoked beer from Weyerbacher). Mmmm. Might need to stop over there tonight.

photo credit to Chrys, click picture to see more pics at Flckr

Which reminds me why I started this post in the first place. They’ve got Liz Volz of Aleph Distributing coming in to sample Japanese beer from Baird Brewing Company out of Numazu, Japan, including Angry Boy Brown, Red Rose Amber and Kurofune Porter.

I love Japanese beer. I love beer. I love the Charleston Beer Exchange.