Le Creuset’s new culinary center, which boasts a state-of-the-art show kitchen, a riverview deck, and the ability to stream cooking demos around the world, is launching a brand-new demo and tasting series this week. The Guest Chef Series will bring in great chefs from Charleston and around the country to share their recipes and techniques with local foodies. “[It’s] a way to celebrate the great chefs we admire and love, and offer the community an intimate setting to learn from them,” says Le Creuset’s Grimsley Matkov.

The first chef to participate is Jeremiah Bacon of Oak Steakhouse and the Macintosh, who will be cooking three courses for attendees. The menu will begin with a pasta dish, followed by Bacon’s famous deckle, and finishing with a dessert. Guests will leave with printed copies of the recipes so they can try making them at home. You must be 21 to attend, and tickets are only available in advance.