This is directed at the young “lady” who wasted 15 minutes of my workday with your job interview.
I believe unemployment is at 10% in the metro area. I seldom interview applicants lately as our company has not opened any new positions, but when I do conduct an interview I expect professionalism from both parties to be the custom.
I happened to see you when you parked your car-in a handicapped space. You then emptied trash onto my lot.
When your interview time arrived you walked in chewing gum. The scowl you gave me when I requested you do not chew gum was priceless.
Your command of the English language is a joke-I suggest that you ask the local 2 year Associate Degree mill for a refund for that worthless diploma.
Your garish tattoos looked like they were done in a Third World prison, or maybe whorehouse.
The clincher was the fact that you started off insisting on having off every Satuday and Sunday because of your church activity-even though I told you that you were being considered for a second shift position. When you attempted to lecture me about why I needed to “let you have your weekends”, I imagined your life in 20 years. I feel sorry for the 2 sons you spoke of.
Needless to say, bitch, not only did you NOT get the job, I bet there is no one in the county foolish enough to hire you.