Most political observers will tell you that there’s a recognizable split within the Tea Party. Say “Sarah Palin” to Tea Partiers and their heart will swell or their eyes will roll.

So, it’s funny that we’ve come to a point in the 1st Congressional District race where these two factors of the far right have reached a different conclusion on their favorite candidate.

Last week, Charleston lawyer Larry Kobrovsky endorsed Charleston County Councilman Paul Thurmond. Kobrovsky was a favorite of the Tea Party crowd. Yet, this weekend, Sarah Palin endorsed state Rep. Tim Scott.

Palin’s endorsement in the GOP gubernatorial primary has been credited for sending that campaign from fourth place to first. But her involvement in South Carolina’s GOP primary is an obvious grab at early support for a likely 2012 presidential run.

Kobrovsky, on the other hand, will likely remain an active member of the Tea Party movement, but I suspect we won’t see his name on a ballot again.

It’s an uphill battle for Thurmond, who found success on Primary Day in Horry and Georgetown, but faced a huge deficit in turnout in the rest of the district. But Tea Party conservatives have, so far, given him the advantage in a poll.