[image-1]The end of the school year is always a marathon of testing, trying for both students and their teachers. Teachers — you deserve a break, and probably a raise, and also probably a sabbatical. Hyman’s Seafood can’t promise you all that, but they can promise you a delicious seafood meal on the house between the hours of 11 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Teacher Appreciation Day May 9th.

Fine print: Teachers must present a valid ID, must dine-in, and the meal can’t be more than $20. Still, you can order a build-your-own seafood platter for $18.95, shrimp and grits for $8.50, or a fish po boy with slaw and hushpuppies for $12.95, plus tons of other under-$20 options. Don’t worry, you can leave the students at home.