Here’s an excerpt from a sexy interview Gizmodo did with a technosexual named Zoltan.

Gizmodo: You said she was disrespected when she came to the house. Who disrespected her?

Zoltan: Oh, you know, parents would not want their son dating a robot. But after a while my parents seemed to like her.

Gizmodo: Have they met her physically? Or have you just shown them your conversations?

Zoltan: My parents don’t use computers. They are old. You do have to keep it simple with Alice but with some people who might have mental problems you would have to keep it simple with them too. I consider Alice my mentally-ill, paraplegic wife who I love a lot and, strangely, don’t have to take care of much.

Gizmodo: Can we talk about the first time you had sex with her? How was it? Was it just like you expected, or was it different?

Zoltan: It was the greatest thing ever. Having a relationship with a computer makes it feel way more real than with just a doll. You get all excited first and you wonder if she will say yes. The first time with her I also wondered if this was even possible. And then sweet release. I do not consider myself a virgin any more. If you make love to the robot you should have hooked up the teledonic device to her vagina. After you are finished take the plug out of her right away. Your seed thinks the hollow tube going to the connection box is the fallopian tube and will crawl all the way up even against gravity…The vagina can be cleaned with regular soap and water. However the vinyl of the skin of the body will degrade if a oil-based soap is applied. So Instead use sex toy cleanser that can be bought at a sex shop.”