Teddy Turner has been running what is arguably the most aggressive campaign in the crowded field to fill now-Sen. Tim Scott’s vacant House District 1 seat. Turner’s got name recognition, a snazzy TV commercial, and a campaign bus. He’s even an ally of Kevin J. High, the entrepreneur and author who wants to become America’s first king. Now Teddy is encouraging his supporters — and their friends and family members — to vote by absentee ballot and to do it now. And with the GOP primary for the First District race only a little more than a month away on Tues. March 19, it’s a smart move on Turner’s part.

In Turner’s most recent press release, he calls for absentee voters to request a ballot and cast their vote, and he doesn’t stop there. “If you know someone who might want to vote absentee, I kindly ask that you forward this e-mail to him or her in an effort to help get the word out to people who live within District 1,” he writes.


If you’re on the fence, Turner’s press release says you should vote for him for the typical Republican reason — he hates the government and wants us all to make more money. “You want to stop the out-of-control spending in Washington, and for the government to get out of your business,” says Turner. “I’ll work to remove the costly burdens to businesses so you can be prosperous once again.” We don’t know about you, but it sure sounds like Turner is making a lot of big promises in an effort to hang out with a bunch of guys who have the lowest approval rating of any Congress in our history ­— but, hey, somebody’s gotta do it.

As for the king of the U.S.A., Turner had this to say about Kevin J. High’s aptly titled book, King: “America needs a king — or benevolent dictator — who can get things done. More importantly, we need people to read books like this and understand the mess we are in. I am so pleased that Kevin has taken the time to develop these ideas and spell them out in this book, and I’m proud of his efforts to help the country I love so dearly!”