Ideas come from the strangest places. Many people swear they do their best thinking in the shower, others unlock ideas in dreams. And maybe some people should just keep their thoughts to themselves.

TEDxCharleston is looking for some of those good ideas for their 2014 Spring Conference. The event will be called “Ripple Effect,” a theme which represents a small idea with a larger and lasting impact. A few of the mentioned subjects include healthcare, environment, technology, and parenting.

Charlestonians are encouraged to nominate themselves or a friend for an interview with TEDx for the chance to talk about their plan in front of a live, local audience. Applicants are to provide a 3-4 minute video explaining their proposition and submit an online form by October 22.

So if you have the idea for the next time machine or hangover cure pill, please don’t hesitate to apply.

You can find more information at