More Teen Life: Unfiltered?

Producers at The Lowcountry CW (Comcast channel 14) are so pleased with the turn-out for its public service program, Teen Life: Unfiltered, that the station is considering doing it on a quarterly basis.

On Dec. 2, the Lowcountry CW and News 2 (WCBD, an NBC affiliate) presented a program at Seacoast Church to address issues facing teenagers and their parents. It was hosted by News 2’s weatherman Rob Fowler and 95SX’s Brooke Ryan, along with Fowler’s teenaged daughter, Kylie.

Doctors, teachers, psychologists, and clergy were on hand to take questions from the audience. Ryan talked about coming to terms with her sister’s bipolar disorder. Tara Lynn, a reporter for News 2, shared her past illness as a teenage anorexic. The broadcast on Lowcountry CW was interspersed with interviews and reports on parenting issues and adolescent psychology.

Account manager Courtni Callahan says community interest exceeded expectations and that the station hopes to do more of this kind of public service in the future. If you missed the initial broadcast, she says, you can watch the video online. For more information, go to —John Stoehr

America’s Got Talent Wants You

A casting director for America’s Got Talent, NBC’s answer to American Idol, called the offices of the South Carolina Film Commission to drum up interest. Amber DuBose told the commission she’s trying to get as many people from South Carolina as possible. You can audition for its fourth season in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Miami, and New York. For more, go to —John Stoehr

Terrace rumbles with Rourke’s Wrestler

Just when you thought we’d never see The Wrestler, the Terrace Theatre announces that it’s coming. Owner Mike Furlinger didn’t think there’d be much of an audience for Mickey Rourke’s cinematic comeback, about a has-been ring thug fighting for redemption. At least not an audience over 40. Directed by Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain), Wrestler has been getting rave reviews around the world. So the pressure was on to bring it to Charleston. On the other hand, Revolutionary Road (Sam Mendes, Jarhead), starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, was a no-brainer. Both open Jan. 23. —John Stoehr