[image-2]Juicy Couture is out, and Tees by Tina is in at 278 King St. Instead of velour sweatpants and large totes, shoppers can now purchase an array of one-size-fits-most tops as well as leggings, skirts, and dresses. Tina, a certified Pilates instructor, wanted shirts that she could wear from working out to work, and when she couldn’t find them, she created her own line. The seamless T-shirts can be worn under sweaters or on their own, and some of the line features slenderizing elements.
What exactly does one-size-fits-most mean? According to the company’s website, the “seamless yarns have been designed with high levels of stretch-and-recover capabilities so that no matter your size, when you take off the top it remembers its original shape.” The goods also promise not to roll up, so they’ll stay in place from your happy baby pose all the way to your 3 p.m. board meeting.
Tees by Tina will also feature third-party accessories, selected by Tina herself, and pieces from Tina’s travels, which are just her favorite travel pieces.
Scheduled to open in June, head to Tees by Tina’s website for more info about the brand.