City Paper
‘s 10th Birthday Bash

Wed. Aug. 22

7 p.m.

Free (21 and up)


1008 Ocean Blvd. Isle of Palms


From week to week, the City Paper‘s music section tries hard to cover some of the best shows booked around town. This week, we’ve booked our own big event! To help celebrate our 10th birthday, we’ve put a special rock ‘n’ roll bash together featuring a dozen of this city’s best live acts — from the current scene and from City Paper‘s earliest days. The party officially kicks off at 7 p.m. at the Windjammer on Wed. Aug. 22. A total of 14 acts are scheduled to perform on the deck stage facing the beach and on the main stage inside. Here’s the lineup:


The Diesel Brothers

5:45 p.m. (Main Stage, invitation only)

For more than three years, the local acoustic rock duo — David Dunning and Donnie Polk — have amused the local bar crowds with their impressively vast catalog of rock, country, and metal classics. We dare you to stump them with a request. —TBL


Jack & Tyler

6:20 p.m. (Main Stage, invitation only)

We’re not sure who’s who, but we do know that they’re guitarists Jason Cooper and Chris McLernon of local party-rock cover band Playlist (most fans recognize them as part of long-running local ’80s band Weird Science). They’ll dazzle with a few acoustic renditions of the choicest rock tunes. —TBL


The Cutlines

6:30 p.m. (Deck Stage, invitation only)

Formed as a sloppy garage band by City Paper staffers in the editorial, production, and advertising departments, The Cutlines make their Charleston stage debut this evening with a hilarious kick-off set of oldie-moldies on the outside stage. Heavily influenced by the likes of Otis Day & The Knights, Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs, The Kingsmen, and the Swingin’ Medallions. —TBL


Graham Whorley Band

7:15 p.m. (Main Stage)

Guitarist Graham Whorley is a long-time favorite on the Charleston jam scene. A master with a loop pedal, he’s able to blend percussive acoustic rhythms with building, exploratory leads, creating a fusion that’s difficult to sit still to. The GWB — bassist Will Ames, keyboardist Daniel Walker, and drummer Brian Ledbetter — lean toward the downright dirty funk. We’ll be right in front gettin’ down. —SL


Peter Alvanos

7:15 p.m. (Deck Stage)

A dapper native of James Island, singer/songwriter Peter Alvanos grew up listening to rock ‘n’ roll. While at the College of Charleston, he acquired a vintage set of orange-swirl Ludwig drums and started bangin’ around to Beatles and Let’s Active records. Before long, he was keeping time in a variety of local garage and guitar-pop bands. Picking up bass and guitar along the way, Alvanos spent time with local combos Honey Wagon, The Vroom, Ferns, and others before relocating to N.Y.C. His latest endeavor is an Athens, Ga.-based project called Fabulous Bird. —TBL


The Stiff Joints

7:50 p.m. (Main Stage)

Fronted by singer/bassist John Crain and guitarist Marty Parker, this thirtysomething act specialize in aggressive, riffy guitar-driven rock that only leads to trouble. Crain spent time with Athens, Ga., trio Roosevelt before rockin’ out in Charleston with such bar acts as MacDaddy and Booty Call. Parker is a lefty and a longtime Lowcountry rock star who recently played with the Sold Out/Foxy Mondays/Joy Ride conglomerate. —TBL


Rik Cribb & The Problems

8 p.m. (Deck Stage)

Local songsmith Rik Cribb (formerly of ska-rock group SKWZBXX and The Cribb) is a longtime joiner-in’er, playing with family and friends in various rock situations. The Problems feature Cribb on lead vocals and guitar, lead guitarist Doug Walters (also of The Secrets), drummer Jeff Mangan, and other guest players. —TBL


The Sound Affects

8:25 p.m. (Main Stage)

A newly formed power trio featuring two former members of popular cover band Velveeeta and alt-rockers Honey Wagon — singer/bassist Glenn Horres and singer/guitarist James McKinney. They’ve collectively assembled deep cuts from the early British Invasion through the power-pop of the ’70s and the song-oriented punk/new-wave masters of the ’80s. —TBL


Cary Ann Hearst

8:45 p.m. (Deck Stage)

The bartenders at one popular King Street bar recently pulled us aside to express dismay over the fact that City Paper “gives Cary Ann Hearst too much ink” in our music pages. Perhaps it’s true that we fawn and fuss over Hearst and her various music projects from time to time … but it can’t be helped! —TBL


The Archetypes

9 p.m. (Main Stage)

One has to think way back to remember the Archetypes in their earliest days. Inspired by the buzzy college rock of R.E.M., The Pixies, and Jane’s Addiction, the young band got off to a quick start after playing a few frat house parties, landing their first major club gig at Myskyn’s Tavern (now the City Bar). Guitarist Kevin Wadley (one of the original owners of the Music Farm) and Joey Allawos and charismatic lead singer Tommy Dew have remained the core of the band’s lineup. Dew and Wadley will be backed by the members of The Sound Affects for a full-on set. —TBL


Uncle Mingo

9:45 p.m. (Main Stage)

(*UNCLE MINGO HAD TO CANCEL THEIR SET AT THE LAST MINUTE DUE TO UNFORSEEN SCHEDULING ISSUES) Mingo pre-dates even City Paper predecessor The Upwith Herald, going all the way back to 1989. They enjoyed a brief heyday during the Hootie years of the mid-’90s, and a regional hit in “Bottle of Moonlight.” Although this millennium has been quiet for the good timin’ Uncle, guitarist Scott “Mookie” Quattlebaum informs us that they’ve put together a new album to be released soon. “We’ve turned a corner and are entering Uncle Mingo, mach 2,” he says. —SL


Jay Clifford & Jonathan Gray

10:35 p.m. (Main Stage)

Both formerly of Jump, Little Children, singer/guitarist Jay Clifford (pictured) and bassist Jonathan Gray are well-known and loved in the Charleston scene. Jump fans haven’t had much of a chance to see Clifford and Gray perform together since Jump’s farewell shows of 2005. —TBL


Sol Driven Train

11:15 p.m. (Main Stage)

The guys from Sol Driven Train have been making Charleston dance and shake for over a decade and they’re gaining fans across the East Coast. “I think probably the most memorable City Paper moment for us was the first time we were mentioned in it,” says guitarist Joel Timmons. “They reviewed our album, Churning Burlward, and totally destroyed us. Someone wrote a rebuttal, and we ended up with a month of press out of it.” —SL



12 a.m. Midnight (Main Stage)

What a year it’s been for Charleston hard-rock trio Leslie. Singer-guitarist Sadler Vaden, drummer Jonathan Carmen, and bassist Jason Fox have set the no-nonsense example for all local rock bands: get on with it, play hard, don’t gripe, give ’em hell on stage, and rock out like you mean it. They’ve dodged shaky offers from record labels, booked smart road trips, built musical alliances and friendships, and recorded tons of tunes with friends and colleagues (whew!). —TBL