[image-2]It’s back. Stephen King’s creepiest clown tale is hitting the big screen, again, and word on the street is that the remake is just as scary as the original. And if the original had you, eight years old in a rural town in Virginia, hiding under your covers for two straight years, then, yeah, that’s pretty scary.
[content-1]If you don’t know the story then your parents may have been keeping a closer eye on your sleepover movie selections, but regardless: Kids in Derry, Maine start disappearing and a gang of neighborhood do-gooders (also kids) try to stop the clown/evil being behind it, named Pennywise. Fun fact: according to D.C. news station WJLA, professional clowns are blaming the upcoming It release on a loss of business. Clowns are scary, man.

The Terrace features two advance screenings next Thurs. Sept. 7 at 7 and 9:30 p.m. You can buy tickets online.