[image-1]Charleston is getting one of three new Tesla Supercharger stations coming to S.C. by the end of the year. The electric car company says it will double its worldwide network of proprietary fast-charging stations by the end of 2017, also adding Superchargers in Myrtle Beach and Florence, according to a blog post published today.

Details of where exactly the Charleston station will be built are not yet available.

[image-2]Tesla’s network of Superchargers allow owners to add 170 miles of range in 30 minutes, much faster than even the fastest home charging. Charging privileges were free for Tesla’s initial drivers, but in December, the company announced that new owners will need to pay to charge at the stations after using an annual charging allowance. The announced build-out comes as Tesla ramps up production to fulfill some 400,000 pre-orders of its lower-priced Model 3, which is sold out through mid-2018.

The initial Supercharger network focused on heavily-traveled interstates which would make long-distance travel possible — S.C.’s first station was built in Santee along I-95. Today, there are also Superchargers in Greenville and Columbia, but no stations west of I-95. The company also maintains Superchargers in Charlotte, Savannah, and Augusta.

Plans to expand the network also call for expansion of existing stations and working toward making charging “ubiquitous in urban centers.”

[image-3]Update: Updated our story to clarify language about new Tesla owner charging.