When the Norfolk, Va. comedy troupe The Pushers first came to Charleston Comedy Fest, they were best known for their boundary-pushing comedy. When they weren’t cracking wise about swigging shots of Creme de Men — yes, it’s what you think it is — they were riffing on the problem with Tiggers moving into the Hundred Acre Wood. They killed it, year in and year out.

And that success led them to found their own Theatre 99-style improv house in Norfolk, the Push Theatre, and their own comedy fest.

“We learned everything we know about our festival from the Charleston Comedy Festival. Theatre 99, the Charleston City Paper, and the City of Charleston itself taught us everything. Period,” says Brad McMurran, a Pusher and one-half of the improv duo, Date Night, with Alba Woodard.

But despite being business owners and responsible adults, Woodard and McMurran still push it, newfound maturity be damned.

“In the last six years, we have changed up our brand of humor, but we still giggle at certain things to test limits,” says McMurran. “The only thing we can ever really rely on is that we are trying to make others laugh at themselves, the world around them, and in general.”

Woodard adds, “Believe it or not, we are bringing a much more wholesome show this year, in a form we have been doing for more than 10 years. So how dirty or clean the show turns out is up to the audience members that we invite to the stage.”