[image-1]Here’s the Wrap

• The Kwik-E-Mart comes to life!

There are boxes of KrustyO’s cereal, Buzz Cola, pink doughnuts and special edition “Radioactive Man” comic books. 7-Eleven also renamed its Slurpee frozen drinks as Squishees. One key “Simpson” product, however, is missing: Duff beer.

• Bush says Libby could still be pardoned. Paris, keep your fingers crossed, girl. You might be next.

• Who would sleep outside all night, in the rain? Apparently iPhone buyers and little girls.

Hundreds of Potter fans, many of them young girls, assembled in Leicester Square in torrential rain and thunder and chanted “Harry, Harry, Harry” to see the teenaged stars on their way into the Odeon Cinema. Some had even camped out overnight.

• Since McCain showed his, Romney whips out his own — campaign fundraising totals. The news is better than McCain (not surprising), but its not as dramatic as the Obama/Clinton numbers. Are those GOPers squirreling away their dollars for the big dance?

• Let the Tagline Do the Talking: “Fast Cars, Small Penises, and Australian Men.”