My editor ROCKS!

After we had sat at the debate eyeballing the crowd for local celebs, whom did I spot but a half a row of Hollywood in attendance from the Creative Coalition…lefty-leaning artsy-fartsy types that Reagan would have ratted out to the FBI back in the day. There was guy who plays the movie director from “Entourage” (who looked like he worked for the City Paper), Richard Schiff from “The West Wing” and…..long pause…

RACHAEL SHELLEY!!!! You know, Helena Peabody from “The L Word”!!!

This is the part where my editor rocks…after we had dispensed with the formalities of the debate, the Charleston County and SC Democratic Parties’ party and an impeccably timed swing by Hillary’s meet-and-greet at the Marriott, Stephanie (who by this time was advertising herself as a “Lesbo For A Day”-in the good way) and I strolled into the Google After party at the Bus Shed. Lemme tell you, internet money spends pretty good.

Anyhoo…”Helena” sashayed on by in all her hottness and Steph chased her down and asked her for a photo of herself and yours truly. I just about swallowed my teeth and managed to crack “H” up after I put my beer on the floor and commented that Mother had raised me better than to have picture taken with drink in the hand.

I dunno about you, but my Christmas Card is all set for this year.