I ate a lot of pie last week. For my husband’s birthday, his staff ordered him one of his favorites —pumpkin —but they got it from 3.14 Pies, so it had a delicious twist: maple, pumpkin, mascarpone. It’s light, delicious, and comes with a graham crackery crust. So yummy. So yummy. (That’s a Yo Gabba Gabba reference for all you parents out there).

3.14 Pies made an appearance at a booksigning at Blue Bicycle last Friday afternoon, so I also got a taste of their Southern Praline Pecan Pie. They brown the butter that goes into the pie, giving it a deep, rich flavor.

That’s the thing about pie. The basics are pretty darn great, but when they are made with even more care and attention, when the ingredients are seasonal and local, they become downright sublime.

We called around to find out what all the sweet shops are offering this holiday season. If you want to order something, you better get to it. 3.14 Pies says their deadline is Friday. They are currently offering two collections. The Downtown pies include Nutell of a Pie, Maple Pumpkin Mascarpone, Caramel Coffee Hazelnut, Spiced Chai Latte, and Campfire Pie. The Down Home collection features Cran-Peary Crumb Pie, Southern Praline Pecan Pie, the Apple of My Pie, The Great Pumpkin Pie, and the Fusion Pie.

Better get those orders in, you don’t want to be stuck serving a grocery store pie this year, now do you?

Cupcake has a big variety of cutie pie creations that will look great on your holiday table. You can get pumpkin cake with pumpkin cheesecake or chocolate chip cheesecake baked inside. Decorated with fall colors and sugar turkeys.

Normandy Farm has pumpkin cheesecake with gingersnap crust ($30), butterscotch pecan layer cake ($35), apple walnut coffee cake ($18), pecan pie, apple pie ($18), pumpkin layer cake with brown-sugar buttercream ($30), pumpkin walnut sweetbread, and sweet potato chocolate chip sweetbread ($9.75).

Sugar has a big variety of sweets. And some of the following you can get as pies or as tarts: pumpkin pie with browned meringue topping, pecan pie with S.C. pecans blanketing the top in a radial pattern, apple pie with regional apples topped with a lattice crust, sweet potato pie with pecan crumble topping. The baker tells us that many Southern tables serve this with the meal, but it’s so sweet they recommend it for the dessert table. They also have chocolate/pecan/bourbon pie and Huguenot tort, a hearty and scrumptious Charleston classic.

Sugar has these as tarts only: buttermilk pie, lemon, and lemon with fresh stewed cranberries. They also have apple spice bundt cake made with apple jack liquor and topped with old-fashioned cooked caramel and a signature yellow, vanilla cake with buttercream, chocolate, or caramel icing — with or without nuts.

A great hostess gift is fresh baked cookies like ginger molasses, pecan chewies, and cranberry oatmeal.

Sweetsmith in West Ashley has apple, apple cranberry, chocolate chip, pumpkin, pecan, pecan cranberry, and sweet potato pies.

They have the following cakes: cranberry orange poundcake, coconut cranberry, orange cranberry, mousse, pumpkin pecan pound, and toasted pecan poundcake. Or you can opt for something simple like turkey cookies, pumpkin cookies, or pumpkin cupcakes.

Baked on East Bay Street has a variety of pies including maple bourbon pecan, pumpkin with oat wheat crust, double crust apple pie, and sweet potato pie with gingersnap crust topped with spiced meringue. If you prefer tarts, try the pear almond tart, the cranberry apple tart, or the chocolate pecan tart on chocolate.

yesUmay has a couple holiday cookies to choose from like the Fall Delight and the Peppy Mint Cheer.

  • The Fall Delight cookie at yesUmay

And, yes, WildFlour has a great selection of sweets too. Try something a little unusual and serve sticky bun bread pudding or pumpkin pot de creme. Or just go for one of the classic pie combinations: maple pumpkin, double crust caramelized apple, pecan, and apple cranberry streusel.

WildFlour also has a big selection of cookies and bars, along with something that might come in handy if you’ve got houseguests: quiches.