[image-1](Note: This was originally posted yesterday. We second-guessed ourselves, thinking this was mean, not funny. So we took it down. Then we changed our minds. Here it is again in slightly different form).

We got this message yesterday from a concerned reader. She felt ashamed for us. We are, in fact, grateful. We need all the help we can get when it comes to feeling shame. Her complaint concerned “that horrible monkey thing” on the cover of our paper: Jamie Hewlett’s illustration of the protagonist of Monkey: Journey to the West. Hewlett worked on concert with Britpop star Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz) and opera and movie director Chen Shi-Zheng (Peony Pavilion and Dark Matter) to create this visual extravaganza and the American premiere of a highly anticipated “circus opera.” We’re not quite sure what has gotten Mrs. Bennett’s back up regarding our portrayal of Monkey. But given that this premiere is unlikely to be performed in Charleston again, we can assure her that we will never ever put that horrible monkey thing on the cover again.

CLICK HERE monkeything.MP3