Sunday’s big Finale is history, which means it’s time to stick a fork in this Spoleto Buzz Blogger. I took a few pictures and jotted a note or two, but mostly I concentrated on being one with my blanket, the grass, and a rack of baby back ribs. City Paper scenester Ida Becker was ubiquitous on the greensward at Middleton Place, so I’ll refer you to her blog for the juicy details about who was wearing what shoes and which gossipy dowager was smack-talking whom. She’ll also have a gallery of photos from the festivities, which I haven’t the energy to post. My chief goal at the moment is to finish writing my post-festival wrap feature for this Wednesday’s issue of the paper. After that, I’ll probably be back here with one more bout of retrospective chin-stroking before calling it a day, and a festival. Until then, welcome to summer.