With allegations being thrown around that the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center in Charleston ain’t producing MRAPs (mine-resistant vehicles) fast enough, it should come as no big surprise to find SPAWAR defending itself in print. In Sunday’s P&C, the defense firm does just that. In fact, SPAWAR is set to meet it’s goals according to SPAWAR spokes person Lonnie Cowart:

SPAWAR has been moving vehicles out as fast as they come in, Cowart said.

“We are keeping up with the demand signal of vendor deliveries,” Cowart said. He said the company is on track to achieve the goal of 50 vehicles a day during the month of December.

Well, if that’s the case, then the folks bad mouthing SPAWAR need to take it back, right. But before they do that, a quick question: How many vehicles a day is the defense firm currently putting out?

Cowart said security restrictions prevented him from saying how many vehicles a day SPAWAR is putting out now. He also said he wasn’t able to get security clearance for a tour of the plant for this article.

Interesting. Nothing prevents Cowart from saying what the future outpoint will be, but the number that is of most concern right now, the relevant one, well, the dude ain’t at liberty to discuss. Funny that.