Welcome to our 2015 Beer Issue. This year we’ve decided to get a little competitive. You see, Charleston’s brewers are a supportive bunch. Over the past 10 years, the beer community has worked together to turn what was once a one-brewery town into a thriving scene. The beer nerds are so supportive, in fact, we couldn’t find a single one to say anything critical about the Holy City’s brewski business. We’re telling you, the love and the loyalty’s so strong, it’s like a hop-themed HBO miniseries, Band of Brewers.

That’s all well and good, but come on Charleston, we know you have your local favorites. That’s why we’re introducing our Craft Beer All-Star Showdown — a 16-seed match-up of some of the best brews in town. Play the game yourself by going online to vote on what you think is the city’s best beer. Can’t handle that pressure? Just want to hold hands on the sideline cheerleading? Well, we have something for you too — stories on the Road to the Great American Beer Fest, Cask Ale, and the work of some punky BREWSTERS. Cheers.