[image-1] Monday is the first day of fall, so officially not too early for pumpkin spice or boots. However, if you’re missing your white pants already, it’s predicted to fell a helluva lot like summer Tuesday through Friday, with highs back in the 90s. Enjoy the cooler temps (88 Monday, 89 next Saturday,) while we have them. Source: Chswx

A national nonprofit, RIP Medical Debt, used a recent $15,000 donation to buy and forgive more than $1.5 million in medical debt in S.C. The nonprofit buys medical debt from collectors and hospitals for pennies on the dollar and forgives the debt for those it finds most in need. It has so far forgiven nearly $4 million in debt in S.C. alone, and almost $900 million in the country. Source: Statehouse Report

Sat. Sept. 21 marked 30 years since the category 4 Hurricane Hugo slammed into South Carolina and brought a 20-foot storm surge with it. Source: AP

Experts have estimated the $50 rebate for those who filed S.C. taxes in 2018 will cost $700,000 in stamps alone. The state will pay back bout $200 million to taxpayers. Source: Independent Mail