A new Clemson study shows the state’s nuclear industry has a $20 billion economic impact. Meanwhile, SCE&G has taken its Walterboro coal plant offline. [The State]

Boeing Machinists union members rejected a proposed work deal yesterday that would keep work on Boeing’s 777X jet at its Everett, Washington plant. The Seattle Times reported on Wednesday that Boeing’s North Charleston facility is unlikely to be on the short list for the work if Boeing officials make good on their vow to look to send the work elsewhere if union members continue to rebuke their offers. [Seattle Times, P&C]

Breaking: It’s damn cold. [AP]

Chris Cox, the Mount Pleasant chainsaw artist who became a folk hero during the government shutdown for keeping National Mall grounds trimmed and cleaned, was awarded for his efforts with a $1,200 Stihl chainsaw from a Northern Virginia power tool shop during an impromptu ceremony on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday. [Washington Post]

According to federal data released yesterday, fewer than 600 people have signed up for health insurance in South Carolina since open enrollment began on October 1. Nationwide, about 27,000 people have gotten health insurance through the federal exchange, with an additional 80,000 through state exchanges. [AP, The State]

Both Nikki Haley and Vincent Sheheen are setting out to get a foothold on the issue of ethics reform in the gubernatorial election, with Gov. Haley vowing to “expose” lawmakers who attempt to halt the process of proposed ethics reform. [The State, AP]

Speaking of the governor, Politico’s guest fashion correspondent Tim Gunn has a look at a handful of national political figures’ wardrobes in the debut issue of Politico Magazine, and doesn’t have much charitable to say about ol Nikki: “Unpredictable and erratic—is that the description of someone we want to have the nuclear codes?” [Politico Mag]

In today’s P&C, sports columnist Gene Sapakoff looks at The Joe, which opened in 1997, the same year as the Atlanta Braves’ Turner Field, which the team announced it is leaving in a couple years for a new $640M suburban field. [P&C]