Sam Spence file photo

Absentee voting starts today. You can vote absentee in person by heading to your county voter registration office or satellite voting locations. Source: SCvotes

McMaster order resumes full capacity indoor dining. On Friday, Gov. Henry McMaster issued an order that lifts restrictions on indoor dining at restaurants. However, patrons and staff must still wear masks and alcohol sales stop at 11 p.m. Source: P&C

Five years since the 2015 flood. Survivors are remembering the Great Flood of 2015, when what was called “a thousand year rain” dumped 20 inches of rain on some parts of the state. Source: SC Public Radio

Cunningham and Mace differ on climate change views. During their debate, Nancy Mace said that scientists’ definitive answer on climate change was still out, and that “the science is never settled.” One of the reasons observers think U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham was able to flip the district blue was on Katie Arrington’s support of offshore-drilling. Source: P&C