With more good jobs available elsewhere, a shortage of prison guards means more lockdowns in S.C. facilities, says the head of the state’s correctional system. Source: G’ville News

After a new state mandate led to an influx in the number of S.C. high school students taking the ACT assessment, leading to a ‘precipitous’ drop in scores across the state. As a whole, just 14 percent of S.C. students met the test’s “college readiness” standard. Source: Anderson Independent Mail, G’ville News, P&C

Gov. Nikki Haley is in North Carolina today in support of Gov. Pat McCrory, who is in a tight re-election fight stemming from the state’s nullification of a Charlotte nondiscrimination law by passing a bill requiring bathroom use based on biological sex at birth. Source: AP

After saying Trump was in a ‘death spiral’ last week, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks the GOP candidate is doing better in the last week, saying “I like what I see.” Graham says that if Trump can overcome temperament and judgement issues, he could win in November. Source: WIS, P&C

State Democratic officials are floating a name change for their annual ‘Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner’ which does not include the names of two slaveholding early-American presidents. Source: The State

$19 billion: The reported economic impact of the state’s aerospace industry. Source: CRBR

Following FEMA recommendations, North Charleston says it may ask for a quarter-million dollars to spend in 462 ‘active shooter kits’ for use by the city’s police and fire departments which will allow for both firefighters and EMTs to enter shooting scenes along with police officers. Source: P&C