The U.S. Air Force is said to be investing up to $100 million to build a new drone piloting facility at Shaw Air Force Base near Sumter, S.C. The drones, which are piloted from mainland U.S. military installations, provide strike and surveillance capability in far-flung corners of the world. The growth in the use of military drones  over the past decade has also drawn widespread criticism for civilian deaths which number in the hundreds. Source: P&C, NYT

NYT headline from 2018: “The Wounds of the Drone Warrior”

Charleston is filled with traces of its slave holding past, including apparently the finger- and handprints of enslaved children in the bricks, for example in the Market. Source: P&C

S.C. is number one: according to job site Cultivated Culture, S.C. tweeted the most about hating their job. Y’all okay? Source: Greenville Online

A Savannah convenience store chain, Parker’s Kitchen, is building nine locations in the Charleston-area to the tune of $50 million. Source: P&C

Today marks one year since the Wando River Bridge closure nightmare. Thank god that’s over. Source: WCSC