After being challenged by the House Democratic leader to disavow his support for Donald Trump this week, Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster posted on Twitter, saying “Nothing’s changed” along with a link to a video of him nominating Trump at the RNC.

Charlotte Observer editorial today: “For America’s sake, Donald Trump, drop out of the race now”

The Charleston patient being treated for the rare brain-eating amoeba reportedly contracted while swimming in the Edisto River a few weeks ago is said to be using a drug that’s shown effective in treating other similar cases when they’re started early in the diagnosis. Source: P&C

South Carolina DHEC says activities at the Savannah River Site appear to be having an effect on radioactive tritium levels the nearby Savannah River. Source: Aiken Standard

The U.S. Supreme Court judge issued a ruling in opposition to an Obama administration directive that would have allowed students to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity. Source: USA Today

Six South Carolina offenders were among 214 federal prisoners to have their sentences commuted yesterday by President Obama. The orders come as part of the president’s ongoing efforts to move nonviolent drug offenders from federal prisons. Source: P&C

A District Court judge said Thursday that a conversation between former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager and the police group he belonged shortly after he is said to have shot and killed Walter Scott to cannot be used against him in his suit seeking legal aid after the group reportedly cut off representation normally entitled to members. Source: P&C

A new poll shows that two-thirds of young black adults and 4/10 young Hispanics say they or someone they know has experienced police violence or harassment. Source: AP

Caw Caw Interpretive Center, the site of a Colonial-era plantation south of Charleston, is reportedly being examined for listing as a National Historic Landmark and for how it can contribute to the application to establish Charleston as a World Heritage Site. Source: P&C