Despite some protests leading up to the vote, S.C. presidential electors cast all nine of the state’s electoral college votes for Donald Trump yesterday. Source: The State

Mother Jones obtained audio from an appearance by S.C. Congressman Mick Mulvaney’s speech to a local John Birch Society chapter earlier this year, where he praised the group which believes the United Nations is a scheme to create a New World Order and that the U.S. needs to return to a gold and silver standard. Trump has selected Mulvaney to lead the federal Office of Management and Budget and Gov. Nikki Haley to be America’s ambassador to the U.N. Source: Mother Jones

S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson is pushing for incoming president Donald Trump to repeal Obama environmental rules that would limit greenhouse emissions, calling them an unconstitutional infringement on states rights. Source: The State

Steven Long, a first-year Republican lawmaker from the Upstate has pre-filed a bill that would allow businesses to tell transgender individuals to use a certain bathroom. A similar measure by S.C. Sen. Lee Bright failed last year. Source: Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Boeing is offering voluntary layoffs to workers in its commercial division, but it’s unclear how the downsizing will affect S.C.’s non-union shop compared the the company’s unionized West Coast shop. Source: P&C

The victim of an alleged rape is suing the fraternity whose members are accused of assaulting her and the College of Charleston for negligence. Source: P&C

In the past week, Mount Pleasant officials have taken action to stop two different controversial signage issues: One digital billboard on Hwy 17 and one painted mural on the side of a chain burrito joint. Source: P&C

Happy trails, Frank! P&C columnist Frank Wooten pens his farewell column today: “Ho, ho, ho: Some gifts come early”