Gov. Nikki Haley and state Superintendent Molly Spearman, both Republicans, announced yesterday that support a change to have the popularly-elected superintendent appointed by the governor. Source: The State

State Supreme Court Chief Justice Jean Toal delivered her last ‘State of the Judiciary’ address yesterday before the General Assembly. Under state law, S.C. judges, including Toal, who is 71, are required to retire at the age of 72. Source: The State

The state DHEC board agreed Wednesday to publicly request applications for candidates to head up the state’s environmental and public health agency after Eleanor Kitzman withdrew. Kitzman was tapped by Gov. Haley and DHEC without publicly advertising for the post. Source: The State

Haley took state lawmakers to task yesterday for endorsing a $550 million borrowing plan that would bankroll capital and infrastructure projects across the state. Republican state Rep. Brian White, chair of the House budget-writing committee, defended the move saying that the state is taking advantage of low borrowing rates and the overall need to address infrastructure items. Source: AP, The State, P&C

The state Senate voted to support a domestic violence bill yesterday that would increase penalties and revoke gun rights for those conivcted of domestic violence. Source: The State, P&C

But in a Greenville News op-ed today, state Sen. Tom Corbin, who called women “a lesser cut of meat” (jokingly, he says), sniffs out a conspiracy by former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to push domestic violence bills that harm offenders’ gun rights. Fox News and the WSJ have made the connection, he says, but “The Main Street Media is yet to report on it. I wonder why!” Source: Greenville News

Conservative state governments across the country have voted to reject federally-developed Common Core education standards, opted instead to develop their own, but it’s unclear how different those state standards will differ from Common Core. Source: Politico