The State Grand Jury tasked with investigating Statehouse corruption found that the Attorney General Alan Wilson impeded the investigation with inaction, whether or not it was intentional. Wilson dragging his feet cost the investigators 13 months and ran out the statue of limitations on federal crimes, like money laundering. Source: AP

Eighth times the charm? Condé Nast readers named Charleston the number one small city in the U.S. Source: Condé Nast

Nikki Haley on resigning her U.N. Ambassador position: “I think that the main thing was, I was [South Carolina] Governor for six years and we dealt with a hurricane, a thousand-year flood, a church shooting, a school shooting, then to come in and do two years of Russia and Iran and North Korea–it’s been eight years of an intense time and i’m a believer in term limits. I think you need to be selfless enough to know when you step aside and let someone else do the job.” Source: C-SPAN

Read Nikki Haley’s resignation letter. Source: CNN

The latest weather forecast predicts that Charleston will experiencing tropical storm conditions Wednesday afternoon into Thursday, with the worst weather coming Wednesday night. Source: P&C