Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

[image-1] Step right up. Gov. Henry McMaster announced yesterday that attractions including museums, zoos, golf courses and go-kart tracks can reopen in time for Memorial Day weekend. With these open, that means most of the state is open save for schools, large crowds, bars and strip clubs. Source: AP

James Island to vote on development pause. James Island Town Council will vote on an ordinance on Thursday night that would halt new developments of hotels and motels. Source: Live 5

New coronavirus complication. According to the Centers for Disease Control, some children with the coronavirus have developed a new complication — a multisystem inflammatory syndrome that can cause stomach pain, vomiting, fever and a rash. Source: Live 5

Rent help. The state's housing authority has $5 million to help tenants struggling to make rent this month. If approved, the housing authority would send up to $1,500 to a tenant's landlord or property manager on their behalf. Source: WIS-TV

Save the receipts. McMaster told the Medical University of South Carolina to be transparent with how it spends the $25 million it was given to help with COVID-19 testing. Source: P&C