Donald Trump paid a conciliatory visit to the president of Mexico yesterday, vowing to work with the nation to help root out drugs and crime that flow back and forth over America’s southern border. Hours later, Trump landed in Phoenix, Arizona and presented a strident defense of his proposed immigration reforms, much of which hinges on a national ‘deportation task force’ for any illegal immigrants. Source: The State, CNN

NYT headline: Trailing Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Turns to Political Gymnastics


This week, crews at the VC Summer nuclear facility hoisted into place the first new nuclear reactor vessel installed in the U.S. in the last 30 years. A 560-foot crane, one of the largest in the world, lowered the 35-foot, 305-ton reactor into its containment structure at the over-budget and behind-schedule $14 billion project. Source: Columbia Business Report, P&C

Many who shop at the downtown Bi-Lo, which is scheduled to close next month, say they’ll likely now shop at the Food Lion on Upper King Street or be forced to travel off the peninsula to discount stores like Wal-Mart, which has expanded grocery offerings in recent years to match contraction in the traditional grocery store market. City of Charleston officials and elected lawmakers say they’ve reiterated their desire for another grocery store to open in the space. Source: P&C, HuffPo

Quote from NAACP leader Dot Scott: “Charleston is where you come to do business, not where you come to live.”

S.C. lawmakers say the state is facing an “out of control” crisis as unfunded obligations for state pension funds are expected to grow $1.4 billion over the next year. Source: The State

A federal judge maintained that accused Emanuel AME gunman Dylann Roof’s right to a fair trial trumps the media’s right to report to the public, keeping in place a seal on a hearing today where Roof attorneys and prosecutors are expected to discuss potentially damning evidence. Source: CP, P&C