Former Vice President Joe Biden was the keynote speaker at the Charleston NAACP’s centennial celebration at the Gaillard Center, criticizing President Donald Trump’s treatment of white supremacists and telling attendees, “If you think your state and nation needed you in the past, we need you now more than ever.” Source: P&C, The State, Politico

Millions of dollars in tricounty aid reimbursements for the response to Hurricane Matthew last year are stalled because of immediate aid needed for Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief. Source: P&C

A P&C report Sunday says plans for complex VC Summer nuclear project undertaken by SCANA and Santee Cooper were reportedly never vetted and approved by licensed, professional engineers. The oversight could amount to criminal corner-cutting, the paper says, since the project had to do with public health and safety. Today, members of the House committee investigating the scuttled multi-billion projects already partially paid for by customers, are asking state police to investigate potential criminal wrongdoing on the project with a focus on SCANA officials. Source: P&C

Also over the weekend, The State reported that just before a potentially-damning report was made public on the Summer project, SCANA insiders sold off $3.4 million worth of stock in the publicly-traded parent company of SCE&G, which owned a majority stake in the failed project. Source: The State

U.S. Sen. John McCain, a close ally of Sen. Lindsey Graham, said Friday that he could not “in good consience” vote for the bill masterminded by his close friend, a step that many believe could lead to the proposal’s demise. Also, there’s this, NYT says the bill’s proposals for reform “might not work.” Source: NYT, P&C, NYT