A bill filed by U.S. Sen. Tim Scott would elevate two Charleston-area military landmarks as a national park: Fort Sumter, the site of the start of the Civil War, and Fort Moultrie, where patriots defeated a British advance on Charleston during the Revolutionary War. Source: AP

Miss South Carolina Rachel Wyatt, a Clemson student, finished as first runner-up in last night’s Miss America pageant. Source: Reuters

Unexpected headlines from P&C politics roundup:
“U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford is not a Buddhist” – Sanford says FitsNews.com rumors about his conversion to Bhuddism are false.
“GOP censors a top local Democrat off Twitter” – Charleston County Democratic Party Chair Brady Quirk-Garvan said tweeted last week that the state Republican Party had blocked him. When asked about it, a party official called Quirk-Garvan a “notorious twitter troll.” Source: P&C

MUSC told the P&C last week that it would cost $275,000 to search their email archives in response to public records requests from the newspaper about an alleged cheating scandal. Source: P&C