Photo by Cpl. J Nava

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a significant fundraising lead over President Donald Trump, according to latest numbers, reserving roughly $140 million more in TV ads than the sitting president. The former vice president’s daily online fundraising has increased by 1,000 percent over the last year. Source: The New York Times

By Ella Koeze, The New York Times

Two men previously accused of plotting to kidnap the governor of Michigan reportedly discussed potentially abducting the governor of Virginia as well, according to an FBI testimony. Both state leaders are Democrats, and the men allegedly targeted the governors due to coronavirus lockdown orders. Source: NPR

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday the Trump administration can end census field operations early, dealing a blow to efforts to complete a full count in minority and and hard-to-count communities. The Census Bureau announced operations would end Thursday in the wake of the ruling. Source: AP News

Gov. Henry McMaster signed the Office of Resilience bill into law Tuesday, creating the first cabinet-level position devoted to natural disaster preparation and response. “We don’t need to fight the water,” McMaster said during a speech on MUSC’s campus in Charleston. “We need to learn to live with the water. We need to make the water our companion, our friend; let it work for us.” Source: The Post and Courier

The Parris Island Protection Act was proposed in the U.S. House of Representatives, gaining signatures from U.S. Reps. Joe Wilson, Ralph Norman and Joe Cunningham with the shared goal of stopping the shutdown of the Beaufort-area Marine Corps base. Source: WSPA