Boeing to consolidate 787 manufacturing, move all production to Charleston. A new report from The Wall Street Journal says that Boeing will consolidate production of its 787 widebody aircraft due to demand for planes drying up due to the coronavirus. Source: Wall Street Journal

Judge to dismiss or advance two cases tied to Dylann Roof. A federal judge is set to make a decision about two civil cases tied to Dylann Roof, dismissing or allowing the cases to move forward. The cases are being brought by Felicia Sanders, a survivor of the shooting, and Daniel Simmons Jr., the son of the Rev. Daniel Lee Simmons. They allege the government is liable for allowing Roof to buy the gun used in the Emanuel AME shooting. Source: P&C

South Carolina’s census response sits at 60.2 percent. Census non-responders could cost their communities a small fortune. The national average is 66.3 percent. Source: City Paper

Fact check from the first presidential debate. Separate the outright lies from the half truths with the AP’s fact check from Tuesday’s debate. Source: AP