A feature in a retaining pond near a Boeing worksite near the North Charleston 787 assembly line began taking on the shape of a jet unintentionally recently, so crews went ahead and shaped it into the outline of an airplane when viewed from the air. Source: Facebook

As part of Blue Bell’s company-wide layoffs after a nationwide listeria scare, a distribution center in Lexington County that employs between 30 and 50 is closing. Source: AP

Volvo’s plans to set up shop in Berkley County, the plans for which set in motion a decade ago, may have a ripple effect in the Upstate with existing auto suppliers and job pools. Source: P&C, G’ville News

Since 2009, South Carolina has seen some of the most growth in exports in the nation. Source: WSJ

A woman who lost some $700,000 gambling is asking the State Supreme Court to allow her to sue the business where the illegal poker machines were located. State law allows a gambler to file a lawsuit to recoup losses, but the question remains whether that includes illegal gambling. Source: The State

The GOP pool of presidential candidates continues to grow, but some of those candidates may get snubbed when it comes to televised debates, which likely won’t feature more than 12 potential Republican candidates. Source: Politico

South Carolina has consistently been among the worst for domestic violence for nearly two decades, but that problem may actually be bigger than it appears as advocates point to unreliable data that backs up the existing information. Source: P&C