Vox headline: “The GOP’s “Hillary slayer” will soon be in charge of investigating Trump in the House”

That move could put Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy and Democrat Elijah Cummings in a position to once again oversee the investigation of the nation’s most-powerful politician. Source: Politico

NYT headline: “Trump Targets German Trade, and the South Grimaces”

Gov. Henry McMaster is in Fort Mill this morning for a ribbon cutting at German-based Schaeffler, which will add 100 new jobs.

State lawmakers have agreed on a $8 billion budget which includes pension system fixes, school upgrades, and hurricane cleanup. Source: AP

But, the agreement strips oversight power from the Commission on Higher Education over major building projects. Source: The State

The agreement also passes on pension increases on to local governments which will cost an additional $827 million a year after six years. Source: The State